When I was in high school, I spent countless hours playing guitar, writing songs, rehearsing, and performing with my best friends, Nate Harris and Sean Burton, in our band: Moondog. It was really fun, and we took our music very seriously, even the pretentious Velvet Underground covers we played at every rehearsal.

a triumphant publicity shot taken in our basement rehearsal space

Moondog: Unleashed

Just after high school graduation, we headed to the studio and recorded as many songs as we could afford to, a paltry four. We released an EP on cassette (we couldn’t afford a CD press at the time) called “Unleashed.” I wish I still had the album art!

Songs (in MP3 Format)

Liner Notes

  1. Black Sugar You (2:48)*
  2. You Don’t Know (3:55)**
  3. Care About You (3:12)**
  4. I Got A Girl (3:23)*

All songs composed by Burton/Descy/Harris, Copyright 1996.

Moondog is: Sean “Cliff” Burton: Drums & Percussion Michael Descy: Vocals & Guitar Nate Harris: Vocals & Guitar

* Recorded at Noise ‘R’ Us Productions, West Hartford, CT. Bass performed by First Engineer Jim Chapdelaine

** Recorded at Steve Wytas Productions, West Hartford, CT. Bass performed by First Engineer Mike Krikorian

Special Thanks To: Jen Sarno, Andy Preissner (Layout), 2nd Engineer Cliff, Yunsung Hong (Cover Art), Andy Wilke (Roadie), and all the rest…

Additonal Songs and Demos

I recorded a lot of songs on my 4-track or my computer. Here are some of my favorites.