I am a big fan of open source software, and good software in general. After wanting to for many years, in 2014 I decided to start contributing back to the open source community. I have created several projects and am a major contributor to another. Here is a list of my open source projects.


TodoTxtMac is the only native Objective C-based todo.txt app for Mac OS X.

After writing Plaintext Productivity, I wanted to do another project in the same plaintext vein. While I was writing about, I figured out that there was no native Cocoa Mac todo.txt client, so I decided to teach myself Objective C and Cocoa and write one. I built my dream version of a todo.txt client and released the code and application on GitHub. It has a small but robust following, and was featured on LifeHacker, which was a very exciting day for me.

I started with a single patch to a project I cared about, The developer merged my pull request, released a new version the very next day, and suddently people were using my little 3-line enhancement. I was very excited and hooked.

After TodoTxtMac's initial release, I missed some of the features I coded for TodoTxtMac in I started contributing patches and fixing bugs, and eventually became a full-fledged contributor to the project. I did a major refactor, implemented lots of features that started out on TodoTxtMac, and worked very hard to make a solid, feature-rich application.


TodoTxtWin is a .NET library for todo.txt apps. I took all the lessons I learned working on TodoTxtMac and and started working on my own Windows .NET app. I am currently on the lookout for a contributor who would like to work on a front-end using this library.

Bliss FreeBSD Init Script

I run a home server on FreeNAS now with a bunch of FreeBSD jails on it, and love it. FreeBSD is a fantastic operating system with cohesion and stability that I admire, and native features such as ZFS and DTrace that are amazing. I wrote an init script for a music artwork finder and tagging server called Bliss.