Hi, I'm Michael Descy, and this is my personal web site. As such, it is a showcase of my work, primarily my writing.

My most current work is Plaintext Productivity, which is a guide to using primarily text-based software tools to organizing your work life. 1000umbrellas.com (this site) showcases my creative writing and music.

Plaintext Productivity

Plaintext Productivity is my guide to simple workplace productivity for knowledge workers.

Plaintext Productivity contains numerous articles and tutorials that show you a smart way to set up your Windows 7 computer for fast and simple task management, writing, and file organization. As the title suggests, there is a focus on using plaintext files whenever possible as a simple, universal format that will never lock you in to a single vendor or software stack.

I recommend some great software, show you how to set it up, and suggest a few simple habits to help you prioritize and focus better on your work.


1000umbrellas.com is mostly a showcase for my creative writing. I have posted short stories, essays, and plays, all worth reading. The story to start with is Practice.



In high school and college I spent a lot of time playing guitar and bass, writing songs, and playing in bands. My high school band was called Moondog, and we recorded some of our original songs, which are presented here.

About Me

A short bio and copholon.